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Costa Rica is in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. Half of Costa Rica's 4 million people live around the San Jose area in the Central Valley. Costa Rica is proud of its peaceful, democratic tradition. It has no military, remains politically neutral, and is well known for its political stability. Costa Rica is a Second World Country, has a good infrastructure and is a safe, friendly country to visit.


Temperatures fluctuate by elevation, not by season. In the highlands (San Jose, Arenal, Monteverde), temperatures are 75-80 degrees year-round. On the coasts, expect 85-95 degrees year round. Dry season is December - May. Green season is June - November. Don't be discouraged by the rainy season (Green season). It typically has brief, warm afternoon rains that bring green life to everything! It should not affect your plans or your reasons for coming!

Food and Tipping

Generally, you can eat the food and drink the water in Costa Rica. Nonetheless, we recommend you drink bottled water. Food in Costa Rica is dominated by beans and rice, with meat (chicken, beef, pork or seafood). It can be bland, but is generally well-prepared. Exotic tropical fruits are widely available. Use common sense when choosing restaurants - look for cleanliness.

Restaurants automatically add 10% tip plus 13% tax. So your bill is automatically 23% higher. Still, food is not expensive in Costa Rica. If you want to tip more, do so, but remember you are already paying a 10% tip!


110 volts, nationwide service. US-style appliances work without the need for adapters.

What to Bring

The general tone is very casual - it is not necessary to dress up for dinner. Comfortable, lightweight apparel is best. Shorts, T-shirts and sandals are great for the beach. For hiking, bring light pants, sneakers or hiking shoes. Evenings can be cool in the highlands, so light sweaters or light coats might be needed.

Don't wear valuable jewelry or carry large sums of cash. Definitely bring sunscreen for the beach!! Insect repellent is a good idea, although you probably will not use it much.


The unit of currency is the Colone. We recommend travelers checks, and exchanging them at your hotels, but many credit cards are widely accepted. ATM machines are NOT readily available, so don't plan on getting cash this way while you are in Costa Rica. Passports are typically required to cash travelers checks.

Entry Requirements

A passport is currently required for U.S. citizens to enter Costa Rica as of March 2003. Visas are not required for U.S. citizens. No immunizations are currently required nor recommended. Citizens of other countries should consult the Costa Rican consulate in their country for entry requirements.

JD's provides specific, written directions that are current and accurate. Most roads have very few signs that are hard to see, so written directions are critical.


Rental cars and private transportation are available in Costa Rica. It is best to have a rental car, because you have the flexibility to go where you want, when you want. You cannot always rely on other forms of transportation. It often takes a long time to get from one point to another. Renting a car is cheaper, easier and less time-consuming than relying on private transfers or public transportation. You do not need an International Driver's license and you drive on the right side of the road.

Most of the roads are paved, but many have potholes. Road conditions have improved dramatically due to large investments in highway construction. Roads are not very well lit, and not well-marked in many areas. On some roads, trucks and aggressive drivers can be problematic. If you get lost, most people are very helpful and will gladly assist you. You need to use common sense when driving in Costa Rica:

      • Drive in the daytime whenever possible;
      • Use the Passenger as navigator;
      • Have your Passport and driver's license with you;
      • Do not leave valuables unattended for any length of time.

When you book with us, we will provide you with written directions and a good road map so you can enjoy the scenery of this charming country!

Selva Verde Reserve is a private rainforest reserve near Braulio Carillo National Park near San Jose. It has a small lodge with an excellent staff of experienced guides.
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