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This area comprises the province of Guanacaste, famous for its nice beaches. The beaches, scuba diving and surfing here are excellent, and the attitude is "laid-back." Playa Conchal is a spectacular beach and host to the Melia Playa Conchal Resort, which is arguably the best hotel in Costa Rica. Guanacaste is HOT and semi arid: there are no rainforests here! It is also quite remote: about 5-6 hours from San Jose. Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa and Playa Conchal are some of the main points of interest.


Surfing - Costa Rica has some of the best Surfing in the World, and Tamarindo is the surfing capital of the North Pacific. With all kinds of breaks, sizes and types of surf, the North Pacific Coast has many choices for surfers. If you're a surfer, you must visit the North Pacific coast.

Scuba Diving - The North Pacific offers some of the most accessible, consistently good diving in Costa Rica. Diving here is characterized by lots of fish, big schools of fish, and large fish. Some of the dives have reduced visibility and strong surges and currents. Diving here is totally different from the typical Caribbean-based dive destinations. Costa Rica is not primarily a dive destination, so only plan on 2-3 days of diving, at the most.

Golf - Playa Conchal and Hacienda Pinilla are two of the best courses in Costa Rica. Playa Conchal is a "big," challenging course, even for scratch golfers. Hacienda Pinilla is a new course with a superb layout and beautiful views. If you like to golf, the North Pacific has great courses waiting for you!

Turtle Watching - Playa Grande and other beaches nearby are nesting areas for 2 species of sea turtles (Leatherbacks & Olive Ridleys). If you're really lucky, you'll have the experience of a lifetime, but you never know exactly when they will arrive. You must do this at night!

Beaches - Playa Conchal, Playa Panama and Playa Azucar are top-notch beaches. Many beaches in Guanacaste have white sand, and long stretches with very few people. We'll be happy to make suggestions on how and when to visit them!

Horseback Riding: Several areas on the North Pacific coast offer horseback riding near or on the beach, or in the dry tropical forests of this region. This can be very hot and uncomfortable, so go early in the morning.

Fishing: World class sportfishing and inshore fishing can be found in the region during certain times of the year. Several reputable operators have good boats and crews available, mainly from the Tamarindo/Flamingo area.

  • Outstanding golf
  • World-class surfing
  • Good diving
  • Great beaches
  • Turtle-watching
  • Extremely hot and humid
  • NO rainforests
  • Very isolated
  • Some hotels are expensive
  • Limited wildlife
  • 5-6 hours from anywhere else

Sol Playa Hermosa
Capitan Suizo
Paradisus Conchal
Tamarindo Vista Villas

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