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The Caribbean Coast is much flatter and hotter than most of the Pacific Coast, and certainly less developed. This area is home to huge banana and pineapple plantations, and a unique African-influenced culture. The North Caribbean offers World-class Tarpon and Snook fishing on the Barra del Colorado near the Nicaraguan border. Tortuguero Canal offers great wildlife viewing, and some nice, rustic lodges. Flying to Tortuguero is suggested, and required to Barra del Colorado.

Tarpon/snook Fishing: Costa Rica has long been regarded as one of the best places in the World for Tarpon and Snook fishing. This takes place on the Colorado River mouth on the North Caribbean coast near the Nicaragua border. This is relatively expensive, but truly World-class. The fishing lodges are all-inclusive.

Tortuguero Canal
: The Tortuguero Canal was dug out as a means of transporting bananas along the coast, just a few yards inland from the beach. Now it is home to a diverse array of wildlife and plant species. Several nice, rustic lodges are located on the canal, and offer guided boat trips.

Turtle Watching: Nesting turtles are found on the Caribbean coast as well as the Pacific Coast. The timing can fluctuate by days or weeks. Flashlights and cameras are prohibited near nesting sea turtles. It is best to use a guide to minimize disturbing the turtles as they nest.

  • Tarpon/snook fishing
  • Great wildlife viewing
  • Scenic
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Isolated
  • Hot & Humid
  • Can be expensive

Pachira Lodge
Casa Mar Lodge

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