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The Original Canopy Tour was invented in Costa Rica, and has since been featured on the Discovery Channel and in the movie "Medicine Man." This is an adventure for people of all ages and interests, and is definitely one of the highlights of Costa Rica.

Zip Line Tours are available in several areas of Costa Rica. Because Safety should be the highest priority, it is important to choose companies with a perfect safety rating. We can recommend an appropriate tour. Our first choice is the Original Canopy Tour Company.

First, you'll put on a rock-climbing harness. Then the guides will give you a safety training session. After a short hike through the rainforest, you'll climb up a short ladder to a platform in the trees, and traverse on overhead cables from one platform to another. At tour end, you'll rappel to the forest floor.

The Canopy Tour typically takes about 2 hours to complete, depending on the number of people on the tour. Canopy Tours are best in early morning, because the birds are more active that time of day.

Almost anyone of any age can participate. Young children can be carried by the guides. You do not need to be in great physical condition and it is not strenuous. Most of the tour is downhill, so it is very accessible. If you have an overwhelming fear of heights, then do not do this. Even those with a moderate fear of heights enjoy it immensely.

The Monteverde location is unique because you climb up the inside of a strangler fig tree to access the platforms! The epiphytic bromeliads and tillandsia at the Monteverde location are truly remarkable.

The newest Canopy Tour location is at Mahogany Park on the Central Pacific Coast in a transitional zone primary rainforest. We'll book you on the earliest possible tour here, because it can be hot and humid at this location.

There are several canopy tours located near Arenal Volcano; however, they are not operated by the Original Canopy Tour company.

Aside from being a lot of fun, this tour gives you an up-close, bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy where monkeys, iguanas, dozens of birds, and hundreds of epiphytic plants thrive.

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