JD's Watersports in Costa Rica

The Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a biological transitional zone between the semi-arid North Pacific and tropical South Pacific. So this area is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species from both areas. Our native botanic garden illustrates this biological diversity, and includes many examples of heliconias, fruit trees, ornamentals, and a fascinating spice tree garden.

Our expert botanist, John Hall, designed and supervised the plantings of our gardens. John has written several books on the native orchid, bromeliad and tillandsia (air plants) species of Costa Rica, and is well-known for his plant and animal illustrations. His creative approach to conservation and landscape design has resulted in a truly memorable spectacle.

Our native bromeliad garden was formerly an above-ground swimming pool that we converted into this very unique garden. It's full of bromeliads, native frogs, turtles, iguanas and dozens of butterflies. Some of the frogs are smaller than the tip of your pinkie finger, and only come out at midnight! Our garden is home to bromeliads found nowhere else on Earth. It is almost like visiting Jurassic Park!

Education and conservation are central themes in our garden. Through the years, we have removed hundreds of used tires from the river, and recycled them in many different ways. We've used huge pieces of driftwood from deforestation upriver as homes for our epiphytic plants. We've recycled bromeliads from felled trees. We'll be happy to show you some of the creative ideas we have implemented in our garden when you visit us!

"We saw beautiful birds, Jesus Christ lizards walking on water and at least 30 crocodiles. What an experience! Best tour yet! Keep it up."

G. Steinberg, NY

Unlike some other gardens in Costa Rica, ours is intended to educate you about our native species and conservation-- in a beautiful environment. It is not just another pretty place!

About 300 wild scarlet macaws spend their days in the nearby Carara Biological Reserve and their nights nesting in the Guacalillo Mangrove Estuary. Our garden is located directly between them. Every morning and afternoon when they fly to and from their nests, dozens of scarlet macaws fly RIGHT OVER OUR GARDEN! There are very few places on Earth where you can experience this truly spectacular sight. Many of our guests consider this the highlight of their entire Costa Rica vacation.

"The trip was much more than we expected. Great group of people, great guide. Food was the best so far on our trip. Can't wait to tell all our friends and family about this part of our trip."

The Coopers, Canada

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