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Quite simply, a trip to Costa Rica is not complete without a visit to Arenal Volcano. Constantly erupting lava since 1968, Arenal is one of the World's most active volcanos and grows by about 20 feet each year. Arenal erupts a small amount of lava continuosly.

Hiking on the volcano itself is prohibited because it is too dangerous. But you can hike all around it. One particulary great hike takes you to the "new" lava flow, which happened in 1992. After hiking through lush, secondary rainforest, you suddenly come upon the stark contrast of a 20-ft high wall of lava, totally void of any vegetation. The top of the lava is a moonscape with a spectacular view of the volcano on one side and Lake Arenal on the other. It is breathtaking!

This area is more than just the Volcano. Few places on earth offer so much in such a beautiful location. Here you can visit Tabacon Hot Springs, go rainbow bass (guapote) fishing on Lake Arenal, visit a huge waterfall, do the Canopy Tour, go horseback riding and visit Venado Caves. Because this area sits about 3,000 feet above sea level, the climate is always comfortable.

Arenal itself is not always visible, due to cloud cover. In order to make sure you get to see and hear it, you need to spend some time here. Don't just visit Arenal for one day. Spend at least one night, and preferably two. Seeing the volcano belch lava at night, and hearing it rumble is something you just have to experience. Don't miss it!

Although lava flow is best seen at night, it is possible to see daylight activity. This photo shows boulders the size of cars shooting out of the top of the volcano, bounding down the cone, raising clouds of ash.


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